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Teflon Gasket

Teflon gasket (PTFE) has a very strong carbon-fluorine bonding and high molecular weight.  It has the superiorities as the following:

- Wide temperature range (Hwat Rsistance);  -200°C ~ 260°C

- Stable to almost all of the chemicals and solvent

- Extremely low coefficient of friction (Low Friction and Wear):  can be added to the glass fiber, carbon fiber, graphite,    metal powder, and non-organic filler, etc., which can improve the tolerance of abrasion, suitable for to use in harsh environments.

- Electrical characteristics:  stable on frequency and temperature change

- Anti-stick, anti-low temperature, not flammable, anti-shock, not toxic, anti-vapor , resistance on water, gas, and UV

In addition to general PTFE gasket, Tamaru offers the gasket products made by PTFE powder sintering.